Pronounced "New Funk"

"KnuFunK" is a Palindrome

Just spell "Funk" backwards and then forwards.







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Some Cover Tunes







Some Originals








We do Funk and R&B music from the 60s, 70s and up. Why? Because we love it and we know you'll love it too!


Check out our song list:




     1. Party Time (Confunkshun)

     2. Party Train (Gap Band)

     3. Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody (Brick)

     4. This is How We Do it (Montell Jordan)

     5. You Donít Have to Hurt (Mint Condition)

     6. Fun Fun Fun (Confunkshun)

     7. Ooh Child (Five Stairsteps)

     8. Lovely Day (Bill Whithers)

     9. Always and Forever (Heat Wave)

    10. Shake it Easy (Confunkshun)

    11. Mercy Me - What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)

    12. Keep It Hot (Cameo)

    13. We Want the Funk (Parliament Funkadelic)





     1. Oops Upside Your Head (Gap Band)

     2. Got to be Real (Cheryl Lynn)

     3. Uptown Funk (Bruno Nars)

     4. My Prerogative (Bobby Brown)

     5. Hello (Adele)

     6. Run Run Run (Jill Scott)

     7. Freak Show (Barkays)

     8. Early in the Morning  (Gap Band)

     9. Bad Boy (Luther VanDross)

    10. Killing Me Softly (Lauren Hill)

    11. Word up (Cameo)

    12. Happy (Farrell)




     1. Shining Star (Earth Wind and Fire)

     2. Family Affair (Mary J)

     3. Just Fine (Mary J)

     4. Happy Feeling (Frankie Beverly)

     5. Express Yourself (Charles Wright)

     6. I Want Your Love (Chic)

     7. So In Love With You

     8. Just Be Good To Me (SOS Band)

     9. Outstanding (Gap Band)

    10. Ready for Love (India Arie)

    11. I Choose (India Arie)

    12. Purple Rain (Prince)





About the Band


Funk is back.  Everyone loves it, everyone wants it, and KnuFunK (pronounced New-Funk) is here to deliver it.  A Rochester, Minnesota based band, KnuFunK came together out of their common love of Funk and   R & B music.   This area is in need of a more diverse music scene, according to Annie Mack, a friend and established blues singer in Rochester, and KnuFunK is ready to take the stage.   KnuFunK performs music by Funk and R & B legends such as The Gap Band, Earth Wind and Fire, Con Funk Shun, Cameo, Bobby Brown and Mary J Blige, as well as original compositions. 



KnuFunKís musicians include:

Doug Porter: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals

Sarah Burrington:  Cello, Keyboards, Background Vocals

LaSonya Fleming:  Lead and Background Vocals

Rodney Gates:  Lead and Background Vocals

Maurice Toussaint:  Keyboards, Background Vocals

Kevin WilsonBass, Background Vocals

 Gabe Green:  Drums



About the Musicians



Doug Porter returns to the music scene after nearly a decade long hiatus.  He led the band Class Act from 1991 to 1999, performing at clubs and events in the Rochester area.  Doug also composed and produced the Rochester Theme Song, "Rochester's a Number One City" by request of Mayor Chuck Hazama in 1994. Check out this composition and video he wrote and produced: IF THE WORLD.




Prior to coming to Rochester, Doug led bands in Philadelphia, Boston, and San Antonio.  Doug is the visionary of the group, and lives and breathes Funk. Doug has a day gig as a Software Engineer at Mayo Clinic's Nuclear Medicine department.





Sarah Burrington is a Rochester native.  She has a degree in music education, with cello and piano emphasis.  Sarah taught music in the St Cloud Public Schools for eight years.  She then moved home to Rochester, has played cello in the Rochester Symphony Orchestra since 1984 and teaches cello lessons privately.





Kevin Wilson,




 Rodney Gates




Mylan Fizer has played drums since he was three years old and it is evident in his performance. He works with students at the Boys & Girls Club in the music studio and plays drums at his church.





LaSonya Fleming





Maurice Toussaint cut his teeth while nothing more than a teenager while growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Steeped in the blues of the working-class environment in which he lived, the feeling is in his bones. Throughout his many years playing music his musical path has led him to cross with talents as diverse as Chuck Berry, Phil Upchurch, Lou Rawles, Gil Scott Heron, Prince, The Time the Ohio Players and many more. As the original guitarist for the Sounds of Blackness he has also knows the blues and gospel are tightly woven together. With KnuFunk, he's bringing the funk to the keys and vocals while also taking part in the writing and arranging. While continuing to pursue technical and business leadership at Mayo clinic, he has returned to the stage along with his fellow KnuFunk members to bring the funk to Rochester - and beyond.









A common love of music brought the members of KnuFunK together.  KnuFunkís vision is to bring Funk back to the musical forefront and share it with as many audiences as possible




We would like to give special thanks to Rene Lafflam, photographer, for providing us with the photos used in this site.



If you have questions or wish to book KnuFunK, you may contact:




Email: or



Doug Porter:  Call  507-358-0855   OR

Sarah Burrington:  Call  507-254-2221





Other Palidromes

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